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Begonia Productions

Begonia Productions is a group dedicated to creating fan-made audiobooks of the Eighth Doctor Adventure novels. We are enthusiastic amateurs who adore these novels and wish to show our appreciation by translating them into a new medium. We encourage, exhort, and expect our listeners to use these audiobooks as a supplement to the purchase of these novels. These aren’t bestsellers written by slick millionares rolling around on beds made of money: they are the product of months and months of hard work, by authors who deserve payment for that work, and no infringement is intended.

That being said, we realize that A) it’s quite difficult to get a hold of many of these novels, and B) many people want to get a taste of what the EDAs are like before they purchase them. That, in part, is what we hope to achieve – an aware, appreciative, and augmented audience for this underrated corner of the Doctor Who fandom.

Our rules and policies are simple:

1. Membership is moderated.
2. Your tyrannical benificent moderaters (notusachan & platoapproved) have final say regarding membership, posts, reading assignments, uploads/downloads, the application of other rules, and everything not mentioned here.
3. Keeping the previous rule in mind, all queries, feedback, etc. should be directed to begonia_mods
4. Be kind to your fellow community members. Common courtesy, please.

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“This begonia?” Fitz broke eye contact and studied the plant.
“But it's nearly dead.”

“I know,” said the man. “I intend to rescue it.”

-- The Taint // Michael Collier
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